A little about Henoscene

Ever ask, “Can brands, nonprofits, and consumers work together to make the world a better place?”

It’s alright if you didn’t because the founder of this company sure did, and that’s why IncOp is here to save the day one swipe at a time with Henoscene.

Henoscene is a portmanteau of two classical Greek terms, Henosis denoting union with what is the fundamental reality of oneness with the source + Kainos (cene) meaning new, often used to denote geological periods.

Giving back has never been easier, more transparent, holistic, or fun! If you have any questions, contact us.
Make a positive difference by purchasing the items you love from purpose-driven brands.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Is to reframe communications, refocus consumerism, restructure capitalism and resuscitate coexistence.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Is to allow conscious brands to place a greater variety of sustainable choices in the hands of the consumer with the trust and transparency extended by blockchain. We reimagine CSR and impact initiatives as experiential, gamified, and transparent. We embolden impacts that target source disruption, not symptom alleviation.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Is to pave the way to an inclusive economic epoch, powered by decentralization devoid of guns and butter trade-offs, where it is no longer about the parts accounting for the whole, but interdependent wholes participating in and preserving their integrity in toto.

What can you do on our platform?


Setup custom impact shops that
emulate your brand’s feel and identity.


Buy or sell products that promise positive impacts with credibility, relevance, and reliability. Contact us to learn more.


Through aggregate microdonations, create or buy into impactful product launches that support achievable social or environmental outcomes with each sale.

Why is Henoscene needed now?



of employees believe businesses should benefit all stakeholders—not just shareholders—including employees, customers, suppliers, and communities they operate within.



of consumers prefer to purchase from a brand with an actionable purpose.



of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place.


Flase Brand


Of brand claims in regards to purpose have been proven false by third-party audits.

Flase Brand


of executives indicate their organization doesn’t currently have a strong sense of purpose.

Flase Brand

Only 46%

of executives say their organizations currently operate with a strong sense of purpose.

Consumer attitudes have consistently shifted toward value, purpose, and transparency-driven purchasing. Nine out of ten Americans want businesses to be transparent to build trust.

How does Henoscene work?

Blockchain Transparency

Built on blockchain for transparency.

Verifying Transactions

By verifying transactions.

Verifying Contributions

To verify contributions to impacts.

How are we different?

Utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts, and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Henoscene creates a level playing field for brands of all sizes and ages to establish verifiable trust on an immutable, transparent, secure, and decentralized network.

Why are we different?

Brands currently operate on traditional trust, this creates an advantage for legacy names and makes it harder for up and coming enterprises. We use blockchain to secure objective trust based on consensus and verification instead of the subjective trust purchased by marketing budgets.

We are launching our platform with custom partnerships founded on shared values and mutually beneficial outcomes.

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