A little about Henoscene

Ever think about all the pledges to go green or shop ethically and wonder: “Can brands, nonprofits and consumers actually work together to make the world a better place?”

If not, the founder of IncOp sure did. We’re here to save the day, one transformative campaign at a time, with HENOSCENE.

Henoscene is an impact hub, where consumers, brands, and nonprofits can come together to purchase & sell unique items, services and experiences that support positive social and environmental impacts worldwide - with accountability built in through the blockchain.
Bringing transparency, active engagement and accountability to:
Social Good Marketing . Corporate Social Responsibility . Consumption Philanthropy
What’s in a Name?
Henoscene is a hybrid of two classical Greek words: Henosis, denoting shared belief in one unified reality + Kainos (or Cene), meaning new, often used to denote geological periods.
Our current era, the Anthropocene (Age of Man), has been exploitative and destructive toward our world. By championing the Henoscene (Age of Unity) we usher in a new era built by an inclusive, global community of stakeholders who prioritize peer to peer accountability and positive direct action…
An age where giving back is easier, more transparent, and holistic than ever before! Make a difference as a consumer, brand, or nonprofit - Henoscene puts the tools to effect change in your hands.
Our Vision

Our Vision

is to ease the communication gap between brands, nonprofits, and conscious consumers, and therefore bring about a new age where capitalism and coexistence no longer have to be mutually exclusive. This is web3 with purpose.

Our Mission

Our Mission

is to enhance the trust between conscious brands and ethical consumers with the transparency and accountability ensured by blockchain technology. Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Social Governance commitments and impact initiatives will be made more engaging through gamified design, intentional calls to action and verifiable metrics.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

is that decentralization, transparency, collectivity and mutual accountability are the cure to an alienated, ailing world.

What can you do on our platform?


Setup custom impact shops that
emulate your brand’s feel and identity.


Buy or sell products that promise positive impacts with credibility, relevance, and reliability. Contact us to learn more.


Through aggregate microdonations, create or buy into impactful product launches that support achievable social or environmental outcomes with each sale.

Why is Henoscene needed now?



of employees believe businesses should benefit all stakeholders—not just shareholders—including employees, customers, suppliers, and communities they operate within.



of consumers prefer to purchase from a brand with an actionable purpose.



of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place.


Flase Brand


of purpose-driven brand claims have been proven false by third party audits.

Flase Brand


of executives indicate their organization doesn’t currently have a strong sense of purpose.

Flase Brand

Only 46%

of executives say their organizations currently operate with a strong sense of purpose.

It’s no longer a debate - consumers want to support purpose-driven brands, yet there’s very little trust in the current system to ensure dollars actually go toward sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Nine out of ten Americans want businesses to be transparent - so Henoscene answers the call with a forward-thinking and easy-to-use hub for anyone ready to put their money where their mouth is.

How does Henoscene work?

Blockchain Transparency

Built on blockchain for transparency.

Verifying Transactions

By verifying transactions.

Verifying Contributions

To verify contributions to impacts.

How are we different?

Blockchain technology, smart contracts, and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can sound complicated, but at heart it’s quite simple: with the Polygon Blockchain acting as a ledger for all activity on Henoscene, we’ll now be able to see how and where we are making a difference in real-time.

Why are we different?

Blockchain changes everything. No more hiding behind words or empty promises. No more excuses for inaction. Henoscene is for brands tired of immense-yet-ineffective marketing spend, nonprofits facing inertia as they build their image, and conscious consumers sick of the runaround. Henoscene gets us all on the same page - so we can start fixing the problems that really matter.

Henoscene is launching with custom brand partnerships founded on shared values and mutually beneficial outcomes

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