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Ever think about all the pledges to go green or shop ethical and wonder: “Can brands, nonprofits and consumers actually work together to make the world a better place?”

If not, the founders of IncOp sure did. We’re here to save the day, one campaign at a time, with HENOSCENE.
Henoscene is an impact hub, where consumers, brands, and nonprofits can come together to purchase & sell unique items, services and experiences that support positive social and environmental impacts worldwide - with accountability built in through the blockchain.
About Us

The Company

About us
IncOperate Inc., is a Delaware C Corp, founded on
November 23, 2020 in Bozeman Montana.
IncOp is short for IncOperate, and long for IO.
Pronunciation: Ink-aw-purr-ate
Why are we called "IncOperate"?
We play with the word “incorporate”, which means both to contain in whole or part and to bring a company legally into existence. Inc also resembles ‘ink,’ implying a focus on the fine print.
We believe that when it comes to brand products and nonprofit projects, their operating mission and their promised outcomes should be verifiable and transparent.
Everytime a barcode is scanned (virtually or not), the impact footprint of the purchase should be disclosed to the consumer. This is why our logomark “IO” resembles a plug, socket, and a barcode.
We read between the lines, so you can too.

The Platform

About The Platform
Henoscene means an era founded on a unified fundamental reality.
Pronunciation: Hen-ose-scene.
Why is our app called Henoscene?
“Henoscene” is a hybrid of two classical Greek words: Henosis, denoting shared belief in one unified reality + Kainos (or Cene), meaning new, often used to denote geological periods.
Our current era, the Anthropocene (Age of Man), has been exploitative and destructive toward our world. By championing the Henoscene (Age of Unity) we usher in a new era built by an inclusive, global community of stakeholders who prioritize peer to peer accountability and positive direct action…
An age where giving back is easier, more transparent, and holistic than ever before! Make a difference as a consumer, brand, or nonprofit - Henoscene puts the tools to effect change in your hands.

Platform Purpose

Henoscene reframes Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns and Environmental Social Governance efforts into an engaging platform where change can be measured.
Each and every campaign through Henoscene offers radical, end-to-end transparency and traceability, from point-of-sale to direct change on the ground.
Henoscene minimizes skepticism and catalyzes consumers to actively engage with purpose-driven brands and nonprofits.
Through Henoscene, brands and nonprofits can launch products, services, experiences, events, and impact campaigns that support Environmental Social Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility - while remaining competitive and attractive to consumers.
In turn, consumers will create Impact Profiles so they can track in real-time as their dollars create change - encouraging their continued usage of Henoscene and related brands & nonprofits. These Impact Profiles gamify the experience of contribution, and create bonds of community between like minded individuals.
Henoscene also offers a full suite of tools through the Polygon project blockchain, allowing brands & nonprofits to meaningfully relate to consumers at different subscription tiers and to enable companies of all sizes to leverage our platform.

Who makes IncOperate possible?

The Founder
Asher Jay is a National Geographic explorer turned tech entrepreneur, who has always used design and systems thinking to address and / or convey a brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility and a nonprofit’s impact initiatives.
Asher Jay has worked extensively with corporate social responsibility, mass media ESG campaigns, and impact-enabling immersive design experiences. She has honed her domain expertise in disruptive and innovative public outreach around CSR and ESG by creating unique qualitative and quantitative metrics & analytics, brand positioning & differentiation and crowdsourced content marketing. Asher’s unique interdisciplinary expertise encourages lateral scope and promises a holistic, soulful founder’s mission for IncOp and Henoscene.
These are only some of the brands Asher Jay has collaborated with, and / or created impact-driven content marketing for:
Some of the brands the founder has collaborated with and / or created impact driven content marketing for:
Brands Founder Collaborated with

The Team

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Asher JayCEO

National Geographic Explorer turned tech entrepreneur, Asher has a background in marketing, branding and mass media communications. Asher loves chocolate, does stand-up by night and is an avid diver.

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Ivett Henrietta CserClient Relations & Design

Interdisciplinary service designer, concept artist, and designer with a background in systems-thinking and customer relations. In her free time she is a voracious reader, gardener, and rare antiques & art collector.

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Chris LeonardOperations Lead

Chris takes pride in being a great No. 2. He is competent at managing operations, payroll, accounts and is deeply passionate about spreadsheets and his kids (not necessarily in that order).

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ArchimydesDevelopment Partner

A software engineering guild curated toward leading engineers trained in ThoughtWorks, Accenture, and IBM.

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Daren NitzLegal Counsel

Principal at Free Vector Advisors. Astute. Competent. Daren has an extensive background in corporate and early stage startups. Great sense of humor and loves a good microbrew.

Who we hire

We are constantly looking for easygoing and authentic self-starters who genuinely wish to make a positive difference in the world.

Values we’re seeking:

  • Passion backed by purpose. A perpetual student eager to expand your skillbase.
  • Thrive in Chaos. You deal with uncertainty, always rolling with the punches.
  • Emotional maturity. You’re committed to self-actualization and integrity.
  • Elasticity of spirit. You’re adaptive, cooperative and supportive.
  • Attentive. You’re a listener who enables and collaborates with the team.
  • Competence. Bolstered by compassion and common sense, you’re secure in what you know and what you can do.
  • Humor & Humility. You’re open and optimistic.

We are launching our platform with custom partnerships founded on shared value systems and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Company Culture

Company Culture
IncOperate, like an elephant herd or hyena clan, is a functional matriarchy.
The company strongly advocates for women and racial diversity in the tech industry.
Its atmosphere is approachable, humorous, vivacious, productive, and rich in green-living plants.
IncOperate’s quirky, candid, authentic, all-hands-on-deck culture prioritizes:

  • stakeholders over shareholders
  • stewardship over seniority
  • self starters over selfish takers
  • employee voices, vision and viewpoints as an integral part of the company’s personhood and market presence
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